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Virtual Reality In Marketing / London: The Second Edition

On the 27th of July, over 100 people attended the second edition of our VR In Marketing event: London's first gathering of marketing professionals, media agencies, and VR experts ⏤ organised by Weevolve. In this post, we share with you some highlights.

About The Event

The idea of an event about the applications of Virtual Reality in marketing came to mind after a market research that we've conducted in February 2017, and that reflected a big lack of knowledge about the potential that immersive technologies can unlock for brands and marketers. We organised the first edition of the event on the 4th of May, and last week ⏤on the 27th of July⏤ the second edition of VR In Marketing / London took place.

112 people from 73 different companies attended. Here are some of the most notable companies that joined us in the previous editions:

Major brands that attended VR In Marketing - London

The event started at 6:30 pm. The first hour was dedicated to networking drinks and VR demos, and it was followed by 1 hour of insightful talks and Q&As given by an experienced panel of speakers. The last 30 minutes after the talks were dedicated to more VR demos and networking with the speakers.

The results of The X-Reality Challenge were also announced during the event.

The X-Reality Challenge

The X-Reality Challenge is a contest that we organised in partnership with VR studio Wolf In Motion to build a custom VR experience based on the suggestions of the attendees, and have it ready for them to try on the day of the event.

We sent an email 2 weeks prior to the event to collect suggestions and ideas. Many people participated and the winner was Barclays' Eagle Labs team that suggested a VR experience to showcase the lifetime of a small business.

Here is a quick video of the experience:

The X-Reality Challenge drove a lot of engagement and was very appreciated by the attendees.
We will continue to organising it at the future editions of the event.

The Talks

3 talks happened during the event:

  • VR: The Road To Mass Adoption, by Henry Stuart, Co-Founder and CEO at VISUALISE

    He shared with the audience an insightful overview of how the VR industry will evolve in the next 10 years.

  • Experiential Marketing In The Age Of VR, by Salmen Hichri, Founder and CEO of Weevolve

    He spoke about how brands can use Virtual Reality to do experiential marketing on a large scale.

  • Shazam for Brands, by Katharina Frosig and Nell Bassral from Shazam

    They presented Shazam's offer for brands and demoed its Augmented Reality features.

In case you missed the event, you can watch the talks in this video:

Here you can find the slides of the talks that happened during the event:

Photos From The Event

And here are some photos of networking, demos, and talks that happned during the event:

What's next?

VR In Marketing London is a recurrent event that we organise once every 3 months. The next edition will happen on Thursday the 9th of November.
For further details, please visit: