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Virtual Reality In Marketing: Event highlights

On the 4th of May, Weevolve organised the first edition of Virtual Reality In Marketing / London.

80 marketing professionals and Virtual Reality experts gathered at the event to network, to try VR demos, and to exchange experiences about immersive technologies and their impact on brands and marketing.

In this post, we share some highlights from the event.

Why VR In Marketing / London?

As part of a market research that we've conducted in February, we interviewed 30 marketing professionals interested in Virtual Reality. The goal was to better understand their needs and what they are looking to achieve through immersive technologies. But to our surprise, only a small percentage of the interviewees (13%) did actually have a clear vision about the potential that Virtual Reality can unlock for their brands.

When we asked them why they didn't use VR in marketing yet, the most common answer was the lack of inspiration and the lack of knowledge about this new technology.

Based on those insights, we decided to organise a series of events where we bring together Virtual Reality experts and marketing professionals interested in VR, and provide a platform for them to exchange ideas and experiences, and get some inspiration through the talks and the demos that we setup during the event.

The first edition of VR In Marketing / London

The first edition of the event happened on the 4th of May 2017 Impact Hub King's Cross. 80 people from 50 different companies attended the event that started at 6:30pm and that lasted 3 hours. Some of the incredible companies that joined us at the event include Amazon, Microsoft, Snapchat, Vodafone, Discovery.

Major brands that attended VR In Marketing - London

Some of the companies that attended the first edition of VR Marketing London.

The first hour was dedicated to networking and to demo several VR in marketing applications: Showcase apps, "try before you buy" apps, and some interactive promotional experiences by well known brands.

We also provided two room scale experiences where users can walk in a virtual space and experience highly immersive VR.

Some Augmented Reality demos have also been made available by our speakers from Unruly and from Zappar.

The second hour of the event was allocated to 3 talks and Q&A sessions.

Photos from the event Virtual Reality In Marketing - London

After the talks, the attendees had the chance to chat with the speakers and try more VR demos.

The talks

3 short talks about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality took place:

  • Virtual Reality In Marketing, by Simon Gosling, Futurist at Unruly

    He shared with audience many examples of the applications of Virtual Reality in marketing, and some great insights about how brands can leverage this emerging technology.

  • Your First VR Project, by Salmen Hichri, Founder and CEO of Weevolve

    He spoke about content creation for Virtual Reality: The different types of VR and how marketers can start creating immersive reality content.

  • Augmented Reality In Marketing, by Kieran Hall from Zappar

    He gave a live demo of the Zappar's Augmented Reality platform, and showed how brands like Coca-Cola and Asda are using it for their marketing campaigns.

Here you can find the slides of the talks that happened during the event:

What's next?

The first edition of the event was a great success. We received a very positive feedback and we decided to make it recurrent. We will organise an edition once every 3 months.

The next one will happen on Thursday the 27th of July.
For further details and registration, please visit: