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VR Marketing London

VR Marketing London: Talks in 360 video

Salmen Hichri —

Yesterday, WeEvolve organised the 3rd edition of VR In Marketing London. The event was hosted by Digital Catapult Centre, as part of their Haptics & Human-Machine Interface Showcase.

VR Marketing / London - July 2017

Virtual Reality In Marketing / London: The Second Edition

Salmen Hichri —

On the 27th of July, over 100 people attended the second edition of our VR In Marketing event: London's first gathering of marketing professionals, media agencies, and VR experts ⏤ Event highlights.

Wolf in motion studio

The X-Reality Challenge: A custom VR experience based on your suggestions

Salmen Hichri —

Weevolve is partnering with VR Studio Wolf In Motion to create a FREE tailor-made VR experience for one of the companies that will attend the second edition of VR In Marketing London, and have it ready for you to try during the event.

Virtual Reality In Marketing: Event highlights

Salmen Hichri —

On the 4th of May, Weevolve organised the first edition of VR In Marketing - London where 80 marketing professionals and VR experts met to network and to exchange experiences about immersive technologies and their impact on brands.

The Potential of Virtual Reality in Travel and Tourism Marketing

Salmen Hichri —

Increased customer expectations and intensified global competition make it hard for holiday experts to grow their revenue. The tourism professional needs a way to overcome these challenges. Virtual reality technology may hold the key.

Experiential Marketing In The Age Of Virtual Reality

Salmen Hichri —

Emerging Virtual Reality technologies are bringing endless new possibilities to marketers. In this post, we explore the opportunities that VR can unlock for experiential marketing.